Installation problems / which VST host?

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  • Emanuel Gross

    Hi there

    2 month ago I bought the PO 32 incl a Microtonic licence. Since 2 weeks I try to install Microtonic which doesn't work. I even can't manage to install a VST-host which seems quite complicated. Is there a VST-host out there without a 30-page manual with pages of cryptic discriptions?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Mac or Windows?

  • Emanuel Gross


  • Fredrik Lidström

    My go-to free hosts for Windows are VSTHost or Savihost by Hermann Seib. They are not really fully-fledged DAWs but are very convenient for just starting up and using the plugins by themself.

    So if you just want to run Microtonic to program patches and patterns and send to your PO-32. I suggest you give them a try.

    The technical and tricky part with them is that you need to locate the Microtonic.dll file (which is installed in the location you specify during the Microtonic installation). After that, you can just drag the file into the VSTHost interface, or as with SAVIHost, copy the .dll file and put it next to the renamed SAVIHost.exe.

    I can send you a zip package with SAVIHost and Microtonic if you are unable to get it to work.

  • Emanuel Gross

    Thank you Frederik but it took me another 3 hours to get it work but it could't manage it (See the attached Word File)

    Maybe the mentioned zip package would help;-)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    No problems. Here you go. It's the 32-bit version because it should work on any Windows version, without any additional dependencies. Just unzip everything and run it.

    Microtonic v3.3.1 Win x86, 545 downloads)

    Your Windows Defender will most likely scream that this is not safe because the .exe was not code signed by Hermann Seib. Just click "more info" and then "Run anyway".

  • Emanuel Gross

    Thank you very much Fredrik, everything works perfect now! Microtonic is just amazing!

  • Emanuel Gross

    Hi Fredrik

    I'm struggeling to sync my Micro Tonic with the clock of my Arturia Beatstep, How can I adjust that in the menu of the Micro Tonic. Thanks for your help.


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