Cannot access Permut8 alternative firmware banks with screen reader due to hidden menu

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  • Davia Beckford

    I've been using Permut8 with Logic since the start of the month and it's such an amazing plugin. The only part of the plugin I haven't been able to use has been it's internal preset Library as well as the alternative firmware banks. I use a screen reader called VoiceOver on the Mac and it appears that the buttons to access those parts of the plugin are hidden from VoiceOver. I assume this is because the buttons don't have text labels on them in the code. Is there a way I can get the Banks and presets as au format? That would be really helpful as I own bitspeak and the same thing occurs however it came with a preset library for logic so I'm able to access them that way.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Oh, how does VoiceOver work with the Permut8 interface at all? Do you get the controller hints readout when hovering over them? Like "Main Menu (SHIFT: repeat last function)"? If so, the "Open Bank..." button is to the right of the Main menu. If it's missing then make sure you're not using an old version of Permut8. You can download the latest installer from our download page.

  • Davia Beckford

    Sorry it took me a while to get back, I had to come up with a way to explain this better and I think I could, but please let me know if you need anymore information. VoiceOver navigation is different because the mouse isn't used so we use keyboard commands to interact with the Voiceover cursor. There are two ways to view the window of a plugin, the default being editor view and the other being the controls view. Editor view is invisible to the voiceover cursor because the elements on that window are only displayed as visuals that VoiceOver cannot detect, and voiceover technology on the Mac doesn't have OCR scanning capabilities yet, so it still can't recognize things that don't have a text based component to them, so we need to use the controls view instead in order to access plugin parameters. If you've never seen The controls view before, taking a look at it might give you a better idea of what plug-in parameters are displayed for a Voiceover user. I think the reason why I cannot get to the preset and bank browsers is because those buttons only show up in the editor window and not the controls window.

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