Microtonic 3.1 problem playing kicks on its own.

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  • Asbjørn Olsen

    Hello there.

    Bought Microtonic 3.1 today because i´m working on a demo to a label and i only had the demo version of Microtonic, and i thought that the weird sounds "kicks" that appeird when it was supposed to be silent was just a "demo" thing. But the problem did not disappear after i bought it. And i tried to download and re-install it but the problem is still there. And therefor i can´t finish my demo because it also appears when i convert to MP3.

    Running Microtonic on Flstudio 10.0. And i hope for a quick answer so i can finish my demo :D

    Kind Regards.

    Thomas Olsen.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    That sounds odd, if it is infact MicroTonic that is making the kicks, it probably receives MIDI that triggers it. Are you using the internal pattern sequencer in MicroTonic or are you triggering from a MIDI track?

    There is nothing in MicroTonic that should do this, like running it in trial mode. The only way I can help you further is if you PM me your project. I can try to find out if I get the same problem then and why.

    Update: User figured out that MicroTonic was actually triggered from another VST and solved the problem.

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