Using Synplant with the Akai MPK Mini & Ableton Live

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  • Joseph Caterinicchio

    Thought I'd share this for Synplant users who have an MPK Mini and Ableton Live (like, all three of us!). Apologies if it's already been posted:

    No mod wheel on the Mini takes the fun out of Synplant. Midi mapping to parameters in Live is simple but w/ limitations (you cannot record automation in the clip, only the lane), and most of the ways to map the mod wheel are klugy. There's a simple way that works with Synplant and retains true mod wheel functionality.

    Simply click down arrow in the Synplant rack window, and select Configure. Unlike most synths, Snyplant exposes the mod wheel as a parameter (it's the first). Map your midi knob to this, and you're set. Keep in mind you still have to re-map for any new track (though it does get saved in a project, as always).

    Alternatively, you can create an Instrument Rack and map a macro to the ModWheel parameter in Synplant then midi map the macro - I like this just because it's a little easier see what's going on.

    Seems obvious but many it appears many synths do not expose the ModWheel as a parameter and it often can't be configured - I almost didn't bother to look. :)

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