MicroTonic Multi-out Drum Rack in Ableton Live

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  • Joseph Caterinicchio

    One more tip (on a roll):

    Ski Oakenfull has a great tutorial vid on setting up Microtonic with multi-outs in a Live drum rack, enabling you to take full advantage of the racks potential for effect chains, sends, etc.


    YouTube Video

    However, if you use this configuration, you lose the ability to control mute and pattern changes with midi notes (C2-G2, C3-B3, etc.).
    There's a simple fix:

    In the first chain, change the receive note from "C1" to "All". Now mute, pattern, and all midi changes are routed to the Microtonic instance :)

  • Markus Zorn

    Thanks, really useful.
    I haven´t thought of it myself yet...and thanks for the simple fix suggestion, especially useful when I want to use it with the lemur iPad template. :)

  • braduro

    If I set up your alteration correctly, JoeCat, I should loose the play button on the C1 pad, correct?

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