flash image baker on Yamaha SY99 "bad disk"

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  • ian myers

    I have installed a Gotek Floppy Emulator into my Yamaha SY99. I have Flashfloppy 3.23 firmware installed and formatted the usb stick FAT32. FF.CFG and IMG.CFG are installed in the root directory both in default configurations. I then used Flash Image Baker to make image folders 001 to 022 each containing multiple Yamaha floppy files not greater than 720kB in total (see attached file). I also did numerous folders containing single Yamaha files <700kB and named as per original eg ANALOG.img . When I try to load these into the SY99 I get "bad disk" or "disk not ready" error messages. Can anyone here show me where I've gone wrong? Incidentally I have been able to see on occasions that the SY is seeing the correct number of files in the image folder but load from disk brings up the errors as above.


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    Readme.pdf(26.6kB, 290 downloads)

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