Microtonic 4 featuring 32 steps and 16 instruments?

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  • Marc Sauter

    free to delete

  • Samuel Lidström

    For me, this isn't a simple yes/no-question.

    Sure there could come scenarios when a 32 step sequencer would have been a nice thing to have. But i really think the chain function is a better way of creating longer sequences than starting to mess around with this (from my point of view) perfect user interface.

    I like the idea of having access to 16 different instruments, though. UI-wise this could be achived easily by just adding another row with instrument buttons, under the already existing one.

    However, there are still other features I'd rather see before these functions (like 64 bit support for example) and that's one of the reasons why I can't give you a simple yes or no answer. (Another reason is that i would like to say yes to more instruments and no to more steps)

    I discovered sonic charge about a week ago though, so take my opinions for what they are: first impression thoughts. I have been making music and have been a sound nerd since birth however, so my thoughts still have a quite solid block of experience to stand on.

    I think better marketing would be enough to increase the amount of users of all sonic charge's products. I would have started using them years ago had I known of their existance. I also showed the sonic charge plugins to some of my friends. They hadn't heard of them either and got really impressed! :)

  • Samuel Lidström

    Ah! Yeah, that that's a great idea! To be able to see the whole pattern in a pattern chain! =)

    And this wouldn't have to mess up the standard interface either.. =) ..It could be like a button between the chain buttons. If the "chain"-text was placed a bit lower, a "view chain"-button could be placed above the text.. =D

    And this button then could open a new window with a view of the whole chained pattern :)

    Maybe it's just that no one ever thought about it before! :)
    I know this wasn't what i was thinking when i read your first post, anyway. But i think you're idea is great and if this was what you ment with "32 step sequencer" i'm all in! :)


    ...and by the way, about marketing..

    Just to get the soniccharge facebook page up and running, I think would help ALOT with getting people to discover soniccharge! ;)

    One little musican finds the page and clicks "like" and ALL of his musican-friends get curious and checks out the page as well, and so on..

    ..I've tried to get in to this pages for days now, but it gets stuck before it reaches the page and all I get is a big white screen =S

  • johnjohnson

    New waveform on oscillator (square) , a wavetable could be interesting!? Able to change the types of filters (LP,HP...)

  • NewLoops.com (Download Synplant 2 Pro Expansion Demo!)

    New filters and waveforms would be nice.

  • johnjohnson

    Modulation sequence on one parameter, style aerobic (reaktor)

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