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  • Steve Boynton

    Apologies if this has already been asked. I know you can transfer sounds/patterns from Microtonic to the PO32...which is awesome obviously.
    The question is can you transfer patterns you have worked on on the PO32 back to Microtonic? and have it create a midi file still?
    I know I could just record the pattern as audio into my DAW but being able to copy it back to Microtonic and tweak again and have as midi file would be killer....

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Nope, the transfer is only possible from Microtonic to PO32. The PO32 has sequencer features that are not available in Microtonic.

  • Steve Boynton

    Ok,no worries. The purchase of Microtonic was well worth it regardless. The PO32 is so much more fun when you can add the tasty sounds you like from Microtonic.
    Thank you for such a great product..I'm a 52 year old grumpy old man but was dancing like a robot in my front room.. lol..what better endorsement do you need!

  • Fredrik Lidström


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