Suggestion: MIDI Config Save with Preset

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  • Joseph Drushal

    Hi, first post here but long time user of Microtonic!

    I just recently ran into an issue where I lost all my MIDI mappings in Microtonic and spent hours recreating them. I have a fairly complex live e-drum setup with multiple instances of the plugin running in a single project with MIDI cc's and keys mapped to nearly everything x8 instances. I saved all my presets and patches, then when I went to load these into a new plugin host, NONE of the MIDI was preserved. Apparently MIDI CC/Key mappings do not save with presets, and I was dumbfounded to find this out the hard way.

    Much later I discovered that these mappings are only truly saved by going into the MIDI Config settings menu and saving a config file to then load separately from the preset.

    May I suggest for future updates to have MIDI config save WITH each preset rather than requiring a separate config file? OR at least create an option in preferences for this?

    Hopefully this helps someone who might've experienced what I just did.

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