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  • Hallvard T.

    It's been a while since I used my (hardware) TX-16W and while trying to start all over again with the Cyclone plugin in Logic Pro X I realize I've forgotten a lot of details (I also never quite got around to learning Typhoon in the first place, as I continued using the Yamaha OS) :-(
    What I'm trying to accomplish is re-create a classic drum machine.

    I believe I need to create one voice for each sound group (kick, snare, open/mid/closed hihat, crash, cowbell, clap etc.), then combine those groups into one performance. Furthermore I can create multiple performances for different usage (i.e. stereo output, individual outputs etc.), right?

    So for starters I've already created two voices: kick (C1) and snare (D1) within voice edit mode, but in order to put those two into the performance, wouldn't I need to have two "entries", each with their own voice?
    I can't seem to add a new entry, just copy one if I press the ENTER button while having # selected. And if I press 2 followed by RETURN I just go back to 1 again.
    Can someone please explain what to do?

    And how would I go about settup up one monophonic "channel" of 3 snare sounds (i.e. like on the Oberheim DMX or Linndrum) with 3 different levels? One channel meaning that only one instance of the snare may sound at once, but assigned at 3 different keys as 3 different sound levels (not velocity sensitive).
    Would this involve making 3 voices, and if so -how would I make that into one monophonic "channel"? Or could I do it all within one voice?

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