Microtonic stems in one click?

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  • Coolout

    Is there an easy way to make stems out of a pattern (for transfers to other devices)? I guess I'm looking for an easier way to save the pattern as separate loops...rather than having to solo each sound and make 8 separate WAVs one-by-one. Perhaps a script or addition to the menu where it give an option to "Export Pattern as Stems" instead of just one audio file.

    I could probably use multi-output and record it into a DAW, but then I'd have to record, trim, and export the audio by hand instead of doing a simple one or two clicks from inside the plugin. If this has already been figured out, someone please correct me. I have at least 50 patterns that I want to transfer to my hardware samplers and that is going to take forever.

  • Hack Snake

    I think mabye u can try record it as multi. But one key stems is really usefull to remake the sample in other way, just like the "XLN XO".

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