Microtonic blacklisted in Cubase Pro 12

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  • Leslie

    Any ideas why Micritonic is not recognised in Cubase Pro 12 running under Apple native M processors?
    It supposed to be AS native but obviously it isn't :-(

  • Scott Oram

    Hmm, I just updated to Cubase 12, I will try to install and run it on my Cubase laptop and let you know! Can't live without uTonic!

  • wileryd

    Cubase 12 in Apple Silicon native mode will not run VST2 plugins, only VST3.
    Microtonic is currently AU and VST2 so until there is a VST3, you could either use a plugin wrapper with the AU running in native mode or run Cubase through Rosetta.

  • Leslie

    any ideas if and when VST3 support

  • Fredrik Lidström


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