Any chance of NKS support?

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  • Michael Shirrefs

    I'm sure it's a long shot ... but I wondered if any thought has been given to NKS support for all the plugins? I've been using all the plugins for years, in just about everything. But I'm using heaps of stuff inside NI NKS gear now, and ... it'd be nice to have these available in there as well.

  • Peter L

    Screenshot 2022-11-03 212244.png

    I just made my own, its fairly simple and yes that is the Factory tab not the User.
  • Michael Shirrefs

    Impressive! Especially sneaking it in under the Factory tab. Was it a laborious task?

  • Peter L

    Depends on if you like a bit of Photoshop work, lots of directory hunting, a wee bit of registry editing and some .xml file creation. However, I save all the bits and restore when computer gets rebuilt.
    I've cheated a bit, I don't want the profile for library hunting I want it for the control mapping so really the only preset is the init one. Then I use the internal browser. The mapping stays the same, it's a simple first page all the levels so it's a mini mixer, second to the eighth page is a set of controls for each voice. etc.
    Once you do one, you can churn out quite a few of these in one day's work. However now I have to convert all my profiles to VST3. I feel your pain Magnus. :-)

  • Michael Shirrefs

    Dear God! Sounds exhausting. And yes, respect and sympathy to Magnus ... keep up the excellent work :|

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