Receives one-on instalation cd after buying Microtronic?

Alex Alfathome592 views2 posts
  • Alex Alfathome

    Hello everyone, I just bought Microtronic and there is a question Iask myself, do I receive a cd of instalation? I specified that I have downloaded, instaled and that all goes well ... This information will allow myself whether I made ​​a backup of my file. Pkg or not. Thank you and long life Microtronic......

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey there, no we do not distribute physical copies of our products. You can of course put the installer on a backup media of choice, but also remember to save your registration key.

    You can always retrieve your registration key through the support page, unless you changed email address since the purchase without notifying us. You can also always download the installer as well as previous releases of the installer from our download page. So, in short, you may backup your info, but you don't have to. =)

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