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  • Magnus Lidström

    Happy holidays everyone!

    We have a very special gift for you this year - a script for Microtonic called BeatSpace.


    Using data from nearly 30000 Patternarium presets, we trained a neural network to create stellar-sounding beats and to spread them on a 2-dimensional map. We then converted this neural network into a Javascript for Microtonic that lets you drag eight points around this map to morph and combine sounds and rhythms into your own unique creations.

    BeatSpace is included in the latest version of the Official Microtonic Script installer, available for registered Microtonic here. Simply run the installer and use the little puzzle button in Microtonic to open it.

    We hope you will have as much fun with this tool as we had creating it.

    / Magnus & Fredrik Lidström

  • Magnus Lidström

    Additional info:

    • Each point is a drum channel in Microtonic.
    • There are 1000 * 1000 unique points.
    • Every point contains sound and pattern data for one channel.
    • Together, they form a constellation, an eight-channel beat.
    • You can right-click to copy and paste constellations. Paste your coolest findings here. 🤩
    • The dice randomizes the eight points.
    • Alt-click for solo, shift for fine, and command/control-click for mute/unmute, as it says in the UI 😉
    • You can undo/redo with the standard Microtonic undo/redo buttons.
    • If you change a channel in Microtonic and the resulting sound differs from the neural network's output, the point will be marked with an X, and its coordinate will be struck through. Touching the point again will reset the channel to the neural network's output.
    • You can also right-click and choose "Enable All Points" to remove all X's.
    • Bright areas in the spacy background represent existing Patternarium data, while dark areas represent points in the map that have been extrapolated from this data. The colors indicate how the network has grouped different types of sounds and pattern data.
  • AAV

    Thank you so much. Very generous and much appreciated!

  • JBDS1

    Thank You so much for your gift !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JBDS1

    Thank You again :) !!!!!!!

  • Bru Franco

    Amazing Magnus ❤️💕

  • Joey Luck

    This is incredibly cool! Thank you so much and happy holidays!! :)

  • AB459

    Thanks ! Looks interesting.

  • jeff

    Another wonderful holiday gift from Sonic Charge. Thank you so much!

  • Steven Sauve

    Thanks Magnus, uTonic is still my favourite!

  • Motion

    Hello Magnus.

    BeatSpace script, what a right little Xmas cracker!, just superb. Thank you.

    Seasons greetings to you and yours.

  • Martin Walker

    Wow - thank you both for this inspirational add-on to my favourite beatbox.

    Happy holidays!

  • loco john

    For me the little puzzle button is greyed out. Am I missing something?

    Screenshot 2022-12-27 at 22.24.08.png
  • Steve R

    In a world where 'lifetime' licenses seem to be mysteriously losing the 'f' ...

    I thank you for your honour and integrity and your ongoing continued support of this wicked little drum machine. I forget when I bought it, it is a loooooooong time ago, and here we are, 2022/23 still getting updates.

    This script is super cool - thank you :D

    Best wishes to you and all the other Microtonic fans out there.

  • Georgios Isakidis

    Thank you 🙏🏼 wishing you and everyone here a very happy new year

  • Mike Bosch

    Thank you soo much, this is fantastic, Happy New Year

  • Andrew Purdy

    Excellent update. TY!

  • Raph

    That looks amazing! But I have the same problem as john unfortunately

  • Juhana Lehtiniemi

    Wow this is amazing! It's so much fun to play with. Is there a way to automate the points btw?

  • GBP

    yes its greyed out for me too, no options for this new beat space, just installed 3.3.4 mac intel vst3, vst2 is the same....

  • Joey Luck

    - loco john wrote:
    For me the little puzzle button is greyed out. Am I missing something?

    Did you have access to it before? Did you install the scripts in addition to Microtonic?

    I can replicate what you're seeing by removing the scripts folder.

  • GBP

    ah no i have never installed scripts ! I will investigate thanks

  • paradiddle

    Brilliant! Thank you for this!

  • GBP

    Yes thank you that has fixed the problem with an easy install of the scripts download.

  • raymond franklyn

    Cool update. Thank you. Happy New Year.

  • Solidtrax

    Oh yeah! Congrats on this release and also a BIG thank you for keeping MicroTonic still updated( via scripts)!!!

  • Joey Luck

    Kitty beat. "meow"


    Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 4.45.28 PM.png
  • jean-pierre zing

    Thank you ! that's a great gift , Happy new year

  • pete

    After all these years, Permut8 and Microtonic are STILL my two favorite plugins of all time..

    .. and #3 is still SupaTrigga (SmartElectronix). :)

  • Géraud CANTEL

    Insane update, thanks so much ❤️

  • Raph

    Found it :) I just had to scroll down on the download page. Thanks!

  • Kristijonas Lučinskas

    Wow, guys, this is mind blowing, thank you so much!

  • JFrank

    holy smokes!! Microtonic really is the gift that keeps on giving! unfortunately I am still on Sierra so imagine I won't be able to enjoy this until I upgrade?

  • Tom Valdez

    You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much! Patternarium is absolutely terrific, and BeatSpace is an amazing quantum leap further. Happy Holidays to you all, and thank you again!!!

  • David Loh

    WOW, just wow! Big thanks to everyone at Sonic Charge!

  • O.Z

    what a mindblowing gift. I have to be honest after so many years of Microtonic, somehow it started to get dust lately, BUT this will definitely get me back to it. Cant wait to explore the BeatSpace.
    THANK YOU and happy holidays🥳

  • Kiks Canto

    Thank you guys! This is absolutely insane! Happy new year 🎉

  • Alexander Dorendorf

    oh yeah, it's a great gift.
    Thank you!

  • Michael McMorris

    Thanks very much, unexpected treat! I will be enjoying this greatly.

  • Akod

    So great! Thank you & happy holidays!

  • Dan Landis

    You guys are great! Thank you so much!

  • Eichi

    Thank you soo much :) Happy Holidays ^^

  • Ali Z

    My favorite plugin just keeps getting better. Thank you guys so much for making this. Genius and inspiring work.

    My first beatspace:

  • Sunny Levine

    yall give good gift… love this

  • Aesthete

    Very nice, like having a built in Patternarium with random now! Merci and Merry Christmas boys.

  • Gabriel Pepici


  • Rod Staples

    Thanks a lot. Happy New Year.

  • C.A.P.

    sweeeet....thank you

  • aoVI

    Thank you!

  • Dumbo

    This is so incredibly cool! And as a free gift! Thank you very much!!! Happy New Year!


  • Ovidio Moreno

    Genial, microtonic suena cada vez mejor, muchas gracias.

  • Rojo Negro

    Thanks so much for this! Brilliant!

  • Robert W Hanline

    Awesome, thank you! Happy New Year!

  • Micah Sam

    Amazeballs! Thank you, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • mike Arnold

    My first VST ever was Synplant, you guys have been awesome from day 1

  • Bryan Collins

    This thing is brilliant, thank you so very much. I want to request that the window be larger and that I can view it separately from the rest of microtonic, because it is so cool! Also visually appealing! But I love it, thank you so very much! You have really won me back to Microtonic I think. I have to see what's up with all the scripts. It's all just very exciting.

  • Rohan J Shah

    Beatspace is insane!! Can't wait to explore it! Thank you so much!

  • Oliver Franck

    microtonic is my actual radiostation together with your new beatpsace script. Thank you.

  • Rob Taylor

    Beatspace is cool, Thanks and Cheers!

  • eXceptionCodeInfinity

    thanks so much best licence i ever bought 🎅

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