Discounts don't make sense

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  • antic604

    I already have several Sonic Charge plugins:

    • Echobode in both VST and RE formats,
    • Bitspeek RE,
    • Premut8 VST,

    I wanted to finally get Microtonic today, so I went on to purchase it and to my surprise I didn't get any discount offer for it, but I did for ...the plugins that I already own.

    What logic is this???

    Anyone wants to sell their Microtonic license? Or have a discount code? :)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    If you purchase multiple products at once, you do get a discount. The reason the others showed up at a lower price was because of already having Microtonic in the cart.

    By owning almost all of our products, we could give you a good discount on the full bundle. Send me a screenshot of your Reason Shop page where I can see that you own Bitspeek RE and Echobode RE to

  • antic604

    Awesome! Done & thanks :)

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