Can't install Official Microtonic Scripts 2022.12.26

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  • Jon Huck

    When I run the installer "Official Microtonic Scripts 2022.12.26" everything looks fine but when I check the application support folder for Sonic Charge there is nothing in there but the authorizations folder. I tried installing the original scripts folder and that works fine but when I try
    the new scripts collection nothing changes. I'm interested in trying Beatspace but cannot install.
    Please advise.



  • AAV

    What version of Microtonic are you using (did you also install the latest version of Microtonic?)

  • Guillaume

    Having the same problem here..
    The problem being:


    I tried reinstalling Microtonic but I'm worried I don't have the right filestructure.
    Can anyone copy me the original Path of the Microtonic VST and VST3?
    Thanks in advance!


  • Guillaume

  • Guillaume

    (On windows)

  • AAV

    .....what version of microtonic? ······

  • Guillaume


  • AAV

    Download and install the latest version, (I think it's 3.3.3) but away from my DAW. Then try to install the scripts package again.

  • Guillaume

    It worked thank you for the help.
    I did update via the software but only after complete reinstall did it really update.

  • Guillaume

    My god, this beatspace addon is massive <3

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