(IDEA) Drag and Drop export audio from Microtonic Patterns ?

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  • Herr Spiel

    Hey what do you all think about that function ?

    I think it would be a treat to just drag and drop the audio out of microtonic to use elsewhere.
    Im aware of the export to midi / export to audio function and already set up a folder for that.

    Making it Drag and Droppable though could make it a notch more accesible for creative and more direct use of the newly created sounds, without naming and folder diving and then dragging it from there.

    Maybe some neat little button somewhere, just like the midi one in the upper left corner.
    That would be quite the treat ! For the individual channels would be crazy but "only" the master would already be massive !

    EDIT .:

    What would be an extended treat if one could choose from exporting them as a single "master" stereo file OR 8 single files, one for each channel. That would be such a enormous pleasure to work with, especiall for cutting stuff up. Super quick and very handy ! Of course also drag&drop... That would be heavy.

    Best wishes !

  • Dumbo

    I would like that too! Sometimes I have "Loopmaking Sessions", where I just create a lot of drumloops and later I just pick the ones, that fit to the current project. For fast beatmaking, it'd be very cool to have an option to export audio to a folder with autonaming from the current preset and automatically adding filenumbers for variantions (to avoid overwriting of existing beats).

  • Damian Rasmussen

    THIS and to be able to drag and drop individual one shots out as well or the individual channels to seperate tracks

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