Patternarium 13 - Fatal Error

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  • Remote Vision

    Hey Guys -

    When I go to the new Patternarium 13 I'm getting a fatal error... It says something like "please allow permission to store information and then reload this page."

    I'm on Lion (latest) and have never had this error before when browsing the patternarium.


  • Fredrik Lidström

    The Flash player has a way to save data to your local hard drive, similar to cookies. We use this to be able to track the voting and where in the pattern space you are, so that you can close Patternarium and open it up again later to continue.

    For some reason your Flash player is telling Patternarium that it cannot save data, that is why you get the error. There are options in the Flash player where you can set the amount of data a specific website is allowed to save and also global settings if data saving is allowed at all. Try right-clicking in the Patternarium window and choose "Global Settings...". Now in the Storage tab, make sure it is not set to block storage but set to "Allow" or "Ask".

    You can also click the "Local Storage Settings by Site" and make sure that "" is added to that list.

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