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    I normally always the peformance as an fxp* since it's faster to load etc ..
    But I wanted to try to save the samples in native format and cyclone gives a disk write protected message
    I assume that is because the defaut floppy is loaded .
    By default cyclone is always loaed with the demo disk , so I tried to create an empty image file using the online floppy bake tool but it doesn't allow the creation of empty disk images .


    So simple question , how does one save samples and performances in native fomat ?
    Here's an fxp file containing the performance and some samples , if anyone is able to save the sample in native-compressed format he she gets a virtual beer
    cz.7z(551kB, 177 downloads)



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    THere is def.something strange going one .
    If you just load cyclone , we can load the samples from the disk ( be it from wave edit+ utility load , or voice edit+utility load ) as expected .
    Now , if we go to system setup+utitly and press 5 we can format the floppy ,


    it will then say that existed info will be erased .


    Press execute and again the disk write protection message appears


    , but the samples on the demo disk are effectively deleted becasue they can't be loaded anymore .


    So even it previously said " disk protected" , it did erase the image .

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    I found it out
    I just created an empty floppy image ,(at least one sample needs to be inserted in the disk bakker) .
    Then when typhoon os is loaded you can insert your floppy and save your samples on that new disk image

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