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  • Magnus Lidström

    YouTube Video

    When will it be released?

    Later this year (2023). We cannot give a more specific date yet. To get notified about updates, please sign up here:

    What will it cost?

    The Synplant 2 price will be higher than Synplant 1, but the final price has not been decided yet. If you own Synplant 1, you only need to pay the price difference to upgrade.

    What is Genopatch?

    Genopatch is an AI that generates synth patches out of audio samples. It uses a combination of different machine-learning techniques to create patches that sound similar to the sample you provide. The entire process runs locally on your computer, with no servers involved, using your CPU only. Synplant 2 is our first product to feature this AI.

    Can you automate the DNA?


    Does it have feature X?

    Possibly. But our lips are sealed about other features in Synplant 2 for the moment. 🤐

  • Wonseok Jang

    So excited about this!

  • wileryd

    Genopatch is about to take over the world!

  • Joey Luck

    OMG!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! 😮🤩🌿

  • Dead As Disco

    God damn excited for this, wow.

  • Matthew Wilson

    Amazing! Need beta testers? Lol!!

  • Ryan Dean

    Incredible.. is any of this related to the work that was done on Beatspace?

    Would you say it's similar to the stuff done by Flucoma project?

    YouTube Video

    Or any of their various corpus explorers?

    Have to say this is exactly the direction I hoped you would go with Synplant.. the internet will erupt with excitement when this comes out. Just in time to be the standout before NAMM

  • Nils-Erik Johansson

    Jösses Amalia! 😍

  • Barry Jamieson

    Will you add midi CC for the DNA parameters? I wanna program with a midi controller as well.

    This looks a fantastic upgrade to one of my fav synths ever.

  • Ryan Dean

    I think he said the DNA will be automatable

  • medienhexer

    Congratulations, bros!

    I‘m looking forward to trying this upgrade. I already have ideas what to try this on.

    From the example you showed, though, this would pretty much be perfect for microtonic, wouldn’t it?

    Could you show how well this works on longer samples? Would you be able to feed it a legato note played by a violin and get the delayed vibrato or even auto-assign vibrato to the Mod wheel and get anything better than an LFO?

  • Ryan Dean

    Funny, now I see even 6yrs ago he was showing us Synplant 2


    YouTube Video
  • Funkspace

    Please consider an AUv3 plugin version for iPadOS. I’ve always loved your work, it’s a shame to not see it on the digital nomad‘s tablet platform.

  • Beepsonore Beep

    Tout excité, je suis trop hate

  • Agon Resuli

    I feel like im reading a scripture in pyramid

    this forum will be a relic to one of the greatest plugin updates

  • Michael Schirmer

    This is great! So you can use your OWN samples inside Synplant, do I see it correct? I use Sonic Charge plugins in every single project and Im looking forward to synplant 2! Even Synplant 1 is really nice!

  • kouthoofd

    Wow! <3

  • crawlingwind

    This is the best news I’ve had in a while - let’s go!

  • gsm909

    super news. looks nearly ready to ship from the demo

  • gary westwood

    Oh, this looks sooo cool!!! Love the every-so-slight variations on the tone of the sample. Awesome. Is there a 'beta' testers, thread?

  • Thibault Suarez-Pazos

    - Funkspace wrote:
    Please consider an AUv3 plugin version for iPadOS. I’ve always loved your work, it’s a shame to not see it on the digital nomad‘s tablet platform.

    This guy wants to pay 4.99$ for an iOS version.


    SUCH BIG SMILES when the layered music arrangement kicked in at the end, with that distinctively outerworldly Synplant sound!

    A sequel after all these years in the making — although it's been great v1 has been updated to keep pace for Apple Silicon.

    Speaking of, does anyone else here have an Expressive E Osmose and are deeply passionate about MPE?

    When the time is right for answers... will Synplant 2 have MPE? Since it's so intrinsically fluid, it would be AMAZING to shape parameters in realtime with the wiggle of curious fingers!

  • Maria Voumvaki

    looking forward to it !

  • Geno Burch

    This is super dope! I'm stoked for the update and can't wait for the release! Can I beta test it!???

  • Mark Wehrenberg

    SO stoked!!! Been waiting for this for YEARS, and now we're in the age of AI products its time has come. If I may submit a feature request -- add capability to randomize the 'effect' params only (or even seed/grow 'effect' only) separately from the underlying synth parameters.

  • AbstractCats George


  • Eichi

    finallyyyyyy 🐿🌱🌸

  • A. Rou

    I'm really looking forward to this feature.

  • Hint / Titeknots

    Wonderful news

  • fran_ky

    Great news!

  • Marc Martinez

    That is amazing! Can’t wait!

  • krikor kouchian

    This is so nice! Thanks again for the amazing work Magnus.
    Can’t wait to use it 🤗🫠

  • steffen kläner

    great news

  • Patrick Hunter

    First this announcement and now Soundtoys announcing a full plate reverb plugin? This has been a fantastic couple of weeks for new stuff dropping unexpectedly from my favorite companies.

  • Heyuan Huang

    Nice!!! I actually attempted to come up with something similar: create preset for a certain synth by listening to audio sample... but got stuck because I know very little about coding software synth (I know stuff about AI tho)

    Super glad to see this turned into reality!

  • Brenden Ginis

    Amazing news. Looks great

  • Scott Oram

    Magnus, how old is patternarium? Well it has been a few years I'm sure...

    Anyway, you were doing AI with that for a good while before it became the buzzword.

    As soon as somebody told me what they meant by AI, I recognized it was using some of the same learning algorithms.

    I'm a Sonic Charge Fan For Life...

  • Scott Oram

    Oh, and Wow what a sound and fluid interface! Can't wait to find out more

  • Thierry PAYET

    NEEEED ! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Lukas Wagenhäuser

    This is getting real good I expect - I almost would say I know - but I‘m unfortunately not signed to up for the beta 😢

  • Peter Tinsley

    Take my money!

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