Is it normal that Bitspeek has 12 ms plugin latency?

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  • Michael Schirmer

    Im using other buffer pitch based FXs like Glitch 2 or a pitch wheel device inside guitare rig, the plugin latency is always very low (below 4 ms) I noticed that other buffer FXs like Elastique Pitch from ZPlane cause very high latencies. The problem: It causes a noticable difference between what you see in your DAW and what you hear, because these latencies are combining. So I dont want to use high latency plugins.

    I had very bad experiences when you try to edit as example a delay at the beginning of a loop and even the editing is not possible anymore if it has too much latency combined. So there was always a need to bounce it first before getting too much latency.The latency compensation is not fixing this issue.

    So my question: Is it normal that Bitspeek has this latency?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Yes. Bitspeek does require latency. It processes audio through linear prediction coding in block sizes based on the "sample rate" parameter, with higher rates requiring larger blocks. However, the perceived delay is less than the block size due to the use of a non-symmetric, skewed window peak, which reduces group delay in the normal pitch range.

    Bitspeek reports a latency of 13.6ms to the host, based on the window peak position in 44.1kHz sample rate mode. Although group delay varies across the spectrum, this value serves as a reasonable compromise. However, the reported latency does not account for variations in delay when using different sample rate settings. Depending on the source audio and sample rate setting, you may need to also compensate for the delay manually.

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