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    It has been a bit quiet here lately, but rest assure that it only means that we are concentrating harder. A few new projects and upgrades are slowly taking shape on our assembly line. Meanwhile we have decided to release a minor maintenance upgrade for Synplant that addresses some important issues. The version number is 1.0.1 and it will not bring any new features to Synplant but focuses on improving stability and compatibility.

    • Implemented support for the "all notes off midi message". We have discovered that some hosts (most importantly Cakewalk Sonar) requires this to stop notes from playing. In other words, the hanging note problems in Sonar should have been fixed now.
    • Improved compatibility with older VST 2.3 hosts, including FXpansion's RTAS wrapper. VST 2.4 is still the official requirement, simply because we need to put a limit on the extent of our guarantees. However, we will continue doing our best to provide "unofficial support" for as many hosts as we possibly can. In short, we expect this version of Synplant to work well with the RTAS wrapper.
    • Fixed a rare but serious problem with the GUI freezing up on Mac (never to defrost again, never to come back to life). Turned out to be a bug in Synplant in combination with some unexpected behavior from OS X.
    • Some minor updates to the internal code libraries that will improve stability in general.

    We are also releasing the first new patch package since the release of Synplant last year.

    The name is Crop of Year One and it is available free to download for all registered Synplant owners. For your listening pleasure, we have prepared [mp3 previews] of some of our favorite patches.

    Finally, two new demo tracks are available on the jukebox (synplant page).

    [Seismic Formations] by yours truly (using mostly patches from the new package plus some Addictive Drums and µTonic) and [Wonderful Dreams] by DJ Quad which was made with Synplant and reFX Nexus as the only two instruments.

    Magnus Lidström

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