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    Hi I combined 2 PickaScripts from the Scripts folder :)
    // This script set the current preset to the left morph edge and randomly picks patches from a given folder. Then sets the morph
    // slider to the right and randomly picks patches from a same folder.
    // You have to create a folder in the "Sonic charge/ Microtonic Drum Patches/ " and name it A01 or G01 or what neme you want, but
    // the same name have to be replaced in both functions below instead of the 'All/' name, in the end of the lines under the function
    // For example remane the 'All/' name with A01 will be "drumDir = DIRS.DRUM_PATCHES # 'A01/';" To be clear put the name between ' /'
    // After that, populate the folder with all the patches you like, or use the " Export Drum Patches.pika " to export patches from
    // Patternarium folders that you have. 1 patternarium folder gets you around 4000 patches, this can make the picking function
    // a bit slow, but not so slow :))
    // After that you have to choose a patch from that folder for each 8 channels, this makes Microtonic know that
    // you will chose patches from that folder. Then you can access the Random Morph Picking pickascript, play with the
    // morph slider a bit, or holding shift repet the Ramdom Morph Picking over and over till you like something, use mute
    // to keep the patches you like, or do what ever you want :))) Have Funnnnnn :)

    The advantage of this script it's that you can load a Microtonic preset with a nice midi drum rhythm and then you can randomly choose patches without changing the midi loop.. Random Morph Picking.pika(4.66kB, 134 downloads)

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