Some trouble with µTonic mute buttons

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  • Gerald Heyd

    Hi friends,
    first sorry if this issue has been adressed already.
    I just got a Korg Nanopad2 and i think it's perfect for playing with µTonic. I use the lower 8 pads for triggering the drum sounds and the upper 8 pads for muting the drum channels. So i set up the mute pads in toggle mode: push once (= note on) mutes the channel, next push (= note off) unmutes it again. Easy thing so far.
    But changing patterns don't reflect the mute state of the drum channels correctly.
    Example: i mute all 8 drum channels and all 8 mute buttons are red. Then i go to the next drumpattern. All mute buttons turn grey but the drum channels keep silent (= muted).
    This is a bit confusing.
    Is there a workaround for this behaviour?

    Thanks for your help!



    • MicroTonic latest version
    • Windows 7 64bit
    • Cubase 6.51 64bit
  • Magnus Lidström

    If I understood your question right I am afraid it can't be solved. This would require MicroTonic to send information back to Nanopad to reflect any changes on the mute parameters. MicroTonic can't do this (there is a DAW application "in the way" so to speak). Also, even if it could transmit MIDI back to the Nanopad, I am not sure if it would even listen. I know Korg do not support such simple two-way synchronization in the bigger PadKontrol.

    (They do offer possibilities to fully control the lights etc on the PadKontrol, but only by entering a special mode with SysEx messages. Very complicated.)

  • Magnus Lidström

    If there is any chance of getting this to work better it would be via Cubase parameter to midi CC mapping and not the easier mapping inside MicroTonic. But I haven't checked what features Cubase offers in this respect. If it can do two-way synchronization at all?

    Perhaps someone else knows?

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