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  • Lisa Dalbello

    • Product Name and Version: Bitspeek
    • Operating System and Version: OS X 10.6.8
    • Host Name and Version: Digital Performer 7.24

    Hi there, I purchased Bitspeek last night via I downloaded and installed it today and then registered it by entering the Sonic Charge SN# given to me in the email I received.

    The final step, was to authorize the product, by entering the Key # that was emailed to me.

    However, from within my session in Digital Performer (v. 7.24) on my MacPro (OS 10.68) I am unable to locate Bitspeek.

    I searched for it from within my plugins pulldown menu in my channel strip, but no luck.

    Any and all help in assisting me to locate it, so that I can enter the Key# and then of course begin to actually use it, would be most appreciated.

    thanks in advance,


  • Fredrik Lidström


    What you are experiencing looks like some kind of compatibility or installation issue. After installation, our product should always show up in your host regardless if it has been registered or not. Please take a look in the following folder:


    You should find a Bitspeek.component file in that folder. If you cannot find this file, please make sure you have sufficient access rights to write to this folder and reinstall our software.

    If you can find the file there but it still does not show up in your DAW, even after a computer restart. What you can do is to open a terminal window and run the following command:

    auval -a

    You should find a Sonic Charge: Bitspeek in that list if your OS X have found the Audio Unit. To get more information you can run the following command.

    auval -vt aumf NuEd > ~/AUreport.txt && open ~/AUreport.txt

    At the top of that file, it should have detected the Bitspeek Audio Unit and listed the name and version. Make sure the version is listed as 1.0.2 and if there are any parts in that file that is not showing up as PASS, then please PM me the file AUreport.txt that is located in your home folder.

    Sorry for going all technical on you, but unless you have managed to get version 1.0.0 installed, I have no easy explanation for you. =)

  • Lisa Dalbello

    Hi there,

    Thanks so much for your prompt and thorough reply.

    That said, it turns out to be all my fault :-)

    Frankly, the problem and the answer were clearly visible in the jpeg screenshot included in my first post up above: all the plugins that we see in DP7's plugins menu are...... stereo!

    Ding dong! I had tried to use it on a stereo track, rather than on a mono track. Pfft. Ergo, on a mono track of course Bitspeek immediately showed up. Got it authorized and am now using it happily.

    As your own big red text states on the Bitspeek product page:

    "*Bitspeek is a monophonic effect and in certain hosts it will not work directly on stereo tracks. If you cannot select Bitspeek as an insert effect, or if it only affects the left audio channel, you are probably trying to use it on a stereo track in one of these hosts."*

    {_slap to my forehead, duh!_}

    I understand that you are going to make Bitspeek stereo compatible as a free update.

    Would you have an estimate time period as to when that might come to be?

    Thanks in advance and cheers,

  • Magnus Lidström

    Wait a minute. Which version of Bitspeek are you running exactly?

    Bitspeek has been stereo compatible since version 1.0.2 which was released last year. Although it is not actually processing in stereo (unlike the recent Rack Extensions version) so this is something we will work on for the VST version in the future. But it should at least be possible to use on stereo tracks. And that red text you are referring to shouldn't be there any more? Where did you see it?

  • Lisa Dalbello

    The red text I saw was quoted somewhere here in the forum in a string where someone seemed to have been experiencing the same issue, and when I saw that quote about "monophonic" -- it's what subsequently had me return to DP7 and open a mono audio channel and see if Bitspeek appeared, which it did.

    At that point, I took it to believe that the quote within the forum still appeared on the product page! Had I looked at the posting date, I would have likely noticed it was while ago. My bad :-)

    So I guess what you're saying is that "stereo" issue was an old one that has been resolved. Which is news to me because unfortunately, in DP 7.24, I still am not able to see Bitspeek on any stereo audio channel, so I guess that is still a problem I'm experiencing for which I could use you assistance in resolving.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks ~

  • Magnus Lidström

    I see. Not good. Did you by any chance ever install Bitspeek 1.0 (the old version) on your computer? I remember that MOTU has a plug-in "cache" and perhaps it has not "understood" that you now have a version that works on stereo channels.

    Meanwhile I'll contact MOTU to obtain a copy of their latest version to use for testing.

  • Lisa Dalbello

    - Magnus Lidström wrote:
    Did you by any chance ever install Bitspeek 1.0 (the old version) on your computer?

    I just purchased Bitspeek 7 days ago. The latest version is what was installed on my Mac 6 days ago.

    cheers ~

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