Patternarium improvements?

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  • Zouki


    I really love Patternarium, inspiring sounds and rythms, thx for it!

    Correct me if I'm wrong and not seen that but a kind of counter could be nice like "1 to XXX" so you know if you have been round all the patterns.
    And please add the BPM on the name of the pattern, not only when you save it but directly in the pattern name on the screen... Would be appreciated :-)


  • Zouki

    *improvEments ... my bad ;-)

  • Zouki

    HAHAHA... I asked about that already in 2012! ;-)

    13 Jan 201210:52

    Hi Magnus

    It would be nice with a "side number" on the Patternarium App. like "3 of 100" or "67/100".

    Often I can't find out if I've been all the way round...


  • aoVI

    A counter would be nice, but if you vote on them it remembers your vote and you can tell which you have heard.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    The order of the patterns is randomized for each user, and it's cyclic, so it wraps around to ensure there is no start or end to the list. This was implemented to try to maximize entropy.

    What I did add in 2.0 was a way to filter patterns to either show only your favorites or all unvoted ones.

    As a bonus, if you select only Favorites from the filter menu, the download button changes from downloading a single pattern, to downloading all of your marked favorites in that generation.

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