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  • philter

    hey guys,

    this a specific feature that Is already available in Microtonic, and that
    I use all the time: when you Browse for Presets, the file dialog window opens and you the option to select what of the preset (All, Patches only or Pattern only) Microtonic would change when selecting a new preset. I would love to see this feature added to the main GUI so that it can be used without the need of opening the file dialog window.

  • JBDS1

    You can simply load a Microtonic on a channel, select a DrumPatch that you like, mute the channel and then send the Midi to another channel and load another Microtonic :) The problem with that it's the sounds, not all the drum patches will match the other preset ... But i get interesting results all the time :)

  • philter

    yeah but I would like to have all options on the main GUI, without any workaround.
    I already thought about a easy solution how to add this without adding extra stuff or buttons to the GUI and came up with one way that involves mouse clicks and keyboard keys and one way that is midi-only: by default, if you click on the arrows for previous / next program it changes the whole program. holding CTRL and clicking on the arrows could only change the drum patch to the next or previous, and holding ALT and click on the arrows could only change the pattern to next or previous. of course this is just a example...
    or maybe just make all 6 functions (prev/next program, prev/next patch, prevents/next pattern)
    a command that can be mapped to a midi CC or note.

  • JBDS1

    Nice idea but still, the drum patches are not arrange in the same channels for all sounds in every preset .. The best way it to make a selection of some presets that you like, then reposition channels in the same way, ( Ex: 1- Kick, 2-Bass, 3-Snare, 4-clap, 5-Op Hat, 6-Cl Hat, 7-Perc, 8- Synth ), then chose a pattern you like , export midi, then change presets... But insted of doing this , you can just chose the pattern you like, then use the script Pick New Patches, some time works nice... I have exported for example Pternarium Generation 26 in a folder and i changed the script Pick New Patches to chose from that folder... ( Ex: " drumDir = DIRS.DRUM_PATCHES # 'G01/'; ")..

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