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  • S. Alter

    Hello folks. I'm a bit embarrassed but I'm not sure what's the best workflow for using Microtonic in my daw. Obviously it can generate midi notes which I can then drop into the instrument clip/lane. Or simply record it into the audio clip/lane. But my simple minded thinking is that it should work just like other similar plug ins that's dropped into an instrument clip: I activate it using midi notes and deactivate it using a stop clip command. And doing so while being able to control its parameters in real time using Bitwig remote and automation. But since this is not the case (I press "play" or "stop" within Microtonic) - I'm probably missing the essence of how it could be best used.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!


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    Microtonic can be used in many ways.

    For your use case, you probably want to set the "Pattern MIDI Notes" mode to "Retrigger Gated" in Microtonic's MIDI Config dialog.
    In this mode, a note (C3-B3) triggers a pattern, and Microtonic stops playing on Note Off.

  • S. Alter

    Thank you. I'll give this a try.

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