Legacy Patches for Synplant 2

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  • Magnus Lidström

    We have prepared installers for the 726 legacy patches originally made for Synplant version 1.

    Mac: Synplant Legacy Patches.dmg(1.93MB, 510 downloads)

    Windows: Synplant Legacy Patches.zip(858kB, 500 downloads)

    These patches are not updated for Synplant version 2, so expect a lot of "compatibility mode" warnings if you install them.

    However, we did take the liberty of making the following adjustments:

    • Fixed some bad pitches
    • Normalized all volumes
    • Organized them according to Synplant 2 categories
    • Enabled "Tempo Sync" for all the "Rhythmic" patches
  • larserik

    Ah sweet. Thanks.

  • NewLoops.com (Download Synplant 2 Pro Expansion Demo!)

    that's quite a lot of patches!!

  • Joel Mathers

    Thank you!!

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