Synplant 2 - can it loop a section of sound like sampler ? (feature requested)

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  • Chan Benzon

    Im demoing Synplant 2 right now. I found it works best when it is fed with a pure and clean one shot synth sample. It can 100% emulate the sample and I can finally tweak those one shot synth sample! Which is pretty amazing!

    However, Synplant 2 doesnt work well with long synth sample(like synth pad). I can see that in the Genopatch window that the machine learning engine can just sample part of the sound to perform machine learning - which im totally fine. The emulation of the first part of the sound comes out is really good too. However, when long hold some key of this emulation , the sound will just wheel off to a strange direction after like few seconds.

    So im curious: can Synplant 2 add a feature to loop certain part of sound. Like a sampler that when u long hold a key u can loop a sound's sustain stage forever. You can also determine which part of the sustain stage to be looped .

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