Synplant 2 (very laggy)

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  • Boris Ivanov

    I love the the features that have been added to the plug-in, but it has been very glitchy/ constant lag. I have it open on Ableton, it is the only channel, yet the lag is always there. I am curious if anyone else is having the same issue and if it can be fixed by doing something in the settings. Or perhaps it will get better after a couple of updates, given how new it is.

  • Cesare Marionetti

    Yes, me too on Bitwig, I think it is also the UI that causes the glitches and the Genopatch on my Intel I9 13th generation PC.

  • mikers

    Running with bitwig on Win 11, Ryzen 9 5900x, 64GB of ram - have not noticed anything amiss. Could you be a bit more specific about what it is that you are doing at the time and what exactly is happening in terms of lag?

  • Cesare Marionetti




    Sure, I'll try to explain in more detail, in the attached screenshots you can see how the analysis of the sample greatly increases the use of the CPU, after the analysis is finished the audio starts to glitch.
    In the last screen (edit synth parameters) every change in values generates an audio glitch marked in red.
    My audio card is Motu Ultralight Mk5 last firmware update.
    Best regards
  • Eine Alte Oma

    I also use Bitwig and it didn't lag on my computer, even with multiple instances and during screencaps via OBS in a convoluted project. not trying to flex, but I think it's important for the developer to know that this is likely not a bitwig-issue, but more likely a hardware one.

  • exm

    It is quite laggy. Some people notice it more then others in absolute terms. Some people just seem to bother i guess.
    The DNA strand, when moving up and down for instance, runs @ ~ 30 to 45 fps here. This is on Win11, x64, gpu radeon 6800, cpu 3800x @ 4,2gHz

  • Cesare Marionetti

    just to complete what was written previously, the analysis of the sample on my system is very fast, the problem I'm reporting is that after the analysis some audio glitches are generated.
    I look forward to the next upgrade.

  • Eine Alte Oma

    it doesn't have to be that the computer has bad specs. sometimes these kinda incompatibility bugs can be extremely sneaky. i hope the bug gets fixed for you all, so that we can enjoy this synthesizer together :)

  • Cesare Marionetti

    I hope so too

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