Use Velocity and Aftertouch to modulate certain parameters

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  • stelvio

    Grateful for what you gave us today!

    Is there a way to map the Velocity and Aftertouch of my controller to parameters in Synplant?
    Fingers crossed we can.

  • Andy Music

    Oh yes hope we could do it someday!

  • philter

    that would be awesome!

  • stelvio

    Mapping any specific parameters to Velocity or Aftertouch would be cool but probably tricky to implement. Having the option for Wheel and Modwheel to begin with would already be quite musical.

  • Jason Anderson


    When using Ableton Live this is already possible. (I imagine other music sequencing software offer alternatives). Many controls in Synplant are already mappable for automation, so in Ableton one would drop a Expression Control MIDI device before Synplant in device chain. Then click "configure" on the Synplant device and choose a control to map. Once the control of your choice is mapped then it will appear under the configured controls area of the Synplant Ableton device in the chain. You can then map this parameter to one or several of the MIDI expression controls in the Expression Control device (such as Vel, MW, KeyTrk, AT, etc)

  • stelvio

    - Jason Anderson wrote:
    When using Ableton Live this is already possible.

    Amazing!!! I forgot about the Expression Control device, thanks so much.
    And I suppose grouping Expression Control and S2 as an instrument rack will allow the mapping to be then available every time I recall the rack. Dope!

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    This would be good. As it is, it seems aftertouch is set the same as the mod wheel. Velocity is hardwired to volume, and also to "mod depth" ?

  • stelvio

    - Jason Anderson wrote:

    >MIDI expression controls in the Expression Control device

    I tried this, only problem is that the mappings don't get saved. When you recall the rack with Expression Control mapped to Synplant, the mappings are lost.
    It works with any other synth or fx, but strangely not with Synplant.

    Also noticed Synplant was blocking Midi. I was trying to send cc to a device sitting after Synplant2. It works with my other synths but the Midi won't pass through S2 to the next device.

  • Jason Anderson

    Hi stelvio,

    It rather seems an Expression Control MIDI device issue, as I just tried with Envelope MIDI device and it retains its mapping. Perhaps you can find another expression MIDI control device on the maxforlive MFL device library

  • stelvio

    I think you're right! I tried with Midi LFO and it retained it as well. My bad for spoiling the forum. It's super interesting to modulate Synplant with thse devices.

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