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  • Swaroopa

    In the excitement, I forgot to change the email address to the one which has all the sonic charge licenses. I realised my mistake immediately after clicking the pay button but it was too late. I quickly emailed the support and got response asking me to confirm my street address and PIN code which I did but there is no response after that. I hope you were able to verify my identity. Please let me what other details you would require to remap my license to my correct email address? The order number is ***. Please help!!!!!!


  • Swaroopa

    This post is not showing up in the forum list. There is no response from support after they asked for my address and pin code. Did I just lost my 50 bucks?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    No worries. Since you used a different email during the order process, you'd have to sign in with that email to find the license. But now I have moved it for you, so you should find it next to your other licenses.

    Long story short, I had to rewrite the shop for a different provider on the fly yesterday and to get it to work quickly, the solution only matches on email, no other customer ID or anything. I will work on fixing this as soon as I get time. But first, I have to get through a mountain of support emails. =)

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