Cubase Integration Issues

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  • Callie S

    Several issues with Cubase although they are more of much needed quality-of-life. I'm on free trial right now and these issues are definitely preventing me from wanting to buy the plugin.

    1) I am unable to drag or drop anything into the VST, from the "Pool", Media Bay, Loopcloud (external app), or even from the file explorer. The only way I can import a sample for genopatch is by clicking "Load Reference Sound" and manually browsing to the file, which also sucks because the open file dialog is not the one that lets you paste in a path.

    2) The VST does not seem to support 64 bit wave files, which is what I have Cubase set up to use. This is minor but I'd prefer to not change that setting just to use the VST.

    This plugin seems really cool and has a lot of potential, but these things definitely need to be fixed before I can utilize it at all in my workflow.

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