My Synplant Demo / Review

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  • Eine Alte Oma

    hey :)

    I just wanna share my test/review thingie:

    YouTube Video

    It contains a demonstration of Synplants main features and a few Genopatch use cases I came up with so far.
    There are also a little moments of confusion which might inspire some workflow-related updates, but all in all I'd say this is a solid release.

  • Karschnackelwackel

    the glitch fest starting at 11:40 is awesome :D

  • Eine Alte Oma

    - Karschnackelwackel wrote:
    the glitch fest starting at 11:40 is awesome :D

    that's also my favourite part, especially when I turned down release and got that super dry and aggressive sound a little later.

  • c0nsilience

    Love the video and your take on Syplant 2! Thank you for sharing!

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