FR: add CPU cap for Genopatch

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  • Manuel Senfft

    Well I do not have such a problem, luckily (besides I can hear my fan being more active, when lettign Genopatch do its magic).

    Yet something came to my mind, when reading quickly through some topics:

    Since some people might face some hardware issues: wouldn't it be an option to let the user enable a setting in Synplant 2 to limit the CPU usage for Genopatch? It's just a quick idea with the intention to help both sites; Sonic Charge and the users, hehe. I know: patch creation would probably be slower then, but it might still work, right?

  • emma essex

    this would be wonderful. yes please!!!

  • Morgonvy Te

    I hope so too, my CPU read 100% with high temp/high fans required to run GenoPatch.

    It made it harder to hear the sounds and select what I liked because of the fan speed lol
    (In any case, I DO have some headphones I could try using to help that a little bit I suppose)

    ps - GenoPatch is still absolutely incredible. Stoked to eventually upgrade to Synplant 2 after the trial is over.

  • NextDAW

    Personally, I have experienced zero performance issue, running Synplant 2's Genopatch on my 12th Gen Intel CPU on Windows 11.

    Most Genopatch patch generation cycles, tend to run from start to full completion pretty smoothly, quickly and silently, since my ('Automatic') fans don't run at very high speeds while I've been using Genopatch. As such, I generally just let Genopatch generate the full maximum amount of patch variations every time I use it, so that I can have the most options to choose from.

    But, I can also understand if some older CPUs / Devices are experiencing instability issues while running Genopatch at 100% CPU, that it could be a problem. Therefore, I would support such an "limited CPU" mode being added. However, ONLY if the current "unlimited CPU" mode can still be retained for users who want that.

    Perhaps, a sliding percentage scale for CPU usage could be included as a Genopatch setting?

  • Morgonvy Te

    Yeah, a sliding scale for CPU would be an interesting feature.
    My CPU is also a *12th Gen Intel on Windows 11.

    I’ve recently tweaked some settings on my computer that has seemingly brought it down closer to 70-80% CPU with fans engaged while I’m running Genopatch, but still with an initial spike of 100% at first (?)

    I’m not super tech savvy or knowledgeable persay, so I’d imagine there could be more deep tweaking I could potentially do to maximize these processes.

    My CPU:

    • Intel® Core™ i5-12400F 2.5GHz Hexa Core Processor w/ 6 Performance Cores, 6 Threads, 4.4GHz Turbo, 18MB Smart Cache, Intel 7
  • Andrew Richards

    But, I can also understand if some older CPUs / Devices are experiencing instability issues while running Genopatch at 100% CPU, that it could be a problem.

    It's not really about how old the CPU is. Being old doesn't make a CPU less or more stable. The reason some people want a CPU limiter is that the rest of the OS or programs running may be starved for CPU time while Genopatch is active, causing minor problems. Another reason I would like a CPU limit option is to lessen the rapid temperature change of my laptop while I'm using it on my lap :)

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