Synplant 2 : batch-converting in place SP1 *3rd party* patches ?

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  • jonetsu

    Very strange. Once logged in I do not see the comment I made on this topic. I have two web browsers, one logged in, and one - another kind - that is not. I can see the comment in the one that's not logged in.

    Anyways. I wanted to specify for 3rd party patches in the following (pasted from the other browser) :

    Is there a utility to batch-convert Synplant 1 3rd party patches to Synplant 2 without creating double files ? Such a utility would convert in place the patches, updating whole directories of SP1 patches in a single pass.


  • Joey Luck

    Do you mean this thread?

    When logged in, threads are sorted by unread first and then by activity. So if you have many unread threads, then something you have read can easily get pushed far to the bottom. You can mark all read via the little cog wheel. You can also see all of your posts by viewing your 'forum profile' in the upper right.

    To answer your question, I don't think there is a utility. I think a utility would be handy in some cases, but you might not want it to overwrite anyways, since the new engine can make some patches sound quite different.

  • jonetsu

    Yes that was the other comment. EDIT : After writing this reply, I went back to what I think is the main Synplant forum page, scrolled down a full page, didn't see the thread. Next page started with a comment from 2021.

    Ah ? SP2 can make SP1 patches sound quite different ? Then there's no real compatibility. That they would sound 'better' is OK, but different ?

    I have a lot of 3rd party SP1 patches. If only it was possible to do a one-click 'quick save' but it's not and moreover if saving under the same name after navigating to the same directory (the directory from where it was loaded does not appear by default when it's the first patch loaded from a given directory) then a double is created with the same name, making it impossible to distinguish between the two thereafter. The only solution is to save the 3rd party patches in a new directory. It's awkward. But then I was under the impression that there was a compatibility between SP1 and SP2 regarding SP1 patches.

  • Joey Luck

    Synplant 2 will open old patches in compatibility mode and will sound the same as they did in ver 1. The new audio engine is improved and can make patches sound batter after upgrading them from compatibility mode, for some patches you might not notice a difference, and a few with extreme settings might sound a bit more different and whatever that difference is may not be what you want. Or maybe you'll like the changes better. It's all subjective and a reason for having a compatibility mode.

    I dismissed the alert about compatibility mode and for the most part I leave the v1 legacy patches alone. I'll try the upgrade on patches that I'm actively using, but I haven't felt a need to just upgrade them all for browsing purposes.

  • blortblort

    I’m a big supporter of the converter idea.
    I have 3 large preset packs created several years ago for v1
    I don’t look fwd to opening and manually saving over 1000 preset!🤪
    I think if a converter is created, having an option to either overwrite OR “convert to new and save old version with title appended with xxxxxx_synpV1” (… or something like that…) would get a lot of support from the Synplant user base😉

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