External sequencing and midi control in microtonic (midi note trouble!!)

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    External sequencing and midi control in microtonic (midi note trouble!!)

    Hi im sending midi notes from an external sequencer to microtonic and i want to control microtonic with lemur on ipad
    but there are only 127 midi cc and micro tonic needs more than 200 to control all its parameters.

    i tried sending all knobs (midicc#) of each drum channel in different midi channels but i can´ t make microtonic read different midi channels.
    only reads midi cc so i cant duplicate any cc controler number.

    and if i turn on the button (select channel with midi) to get full midi control of MT with a few knobs (midi cc) the midi drum channels starts to change with the external sequence so i can´t control microtonic with midi controllers properly in this mode.

    Is there any alternative to assign different midi notes to drum channels buttons and send different triggered notes separately?
    is there any alternative to select drum channels of microtonic with midi notes and receive external sequenced notes without this midi note conflict?
    Any ideas?

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