Feature Request - Load Genopatch Sample from Branch

Gabriel Boys80 views2 posts
  • Gabriel Boys

    I would love to be able to right click on a branch in the main view and be able to send that to the genopatch page without having to render it out and then choose the file. I may be missing something here but pretty sure that is not possible currently.

  • Michael // MSLD

    Is the objective to get similar sounds based on that branch? If so, a more straightforward way to do this is to select the desired branch by clicking on the corresponding ring section, click on the seed in the center of the bulb to "plant" the branch as a new seed, and start tweaking branch lengths to squeeze out variations on the sound.

    Granted, it's not at all as convenient as using Genopatch and the "save all generated patches" script, but it's bound to be more convenient than rendering out an audio file every time you want to use Genopatch, unless you're attempting to generate an absolutely massive volume of patches.

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