Synplant 2 and !12tET

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  • Gregory Taylor

    I have loved me some Synplant for a long time, and delighted to see the new stuff.

    What wasn't entirely clear was whether or not Synplant 2 would allow me to use it with the Central Javanese tunings I use in my recording career ( ). I realize that this isn't something that necessarily cares a lot about, but I did wish to ask. If not, perhaps adding support for the Scala tuning standard ( ), which is in wide use all over the world, would be a great feature.

    keep up the good work!

  • Devon Rose

    I for one would also like native scala support, but there are also 3rd party tools like entonal studio which you could use to microtune synplant.

  • emma essex

    +1 for scala support

  • Eine Alte Oma

    I made a plugin lately called Xen, which outputs MPE MIDI (all MIDI channels, note and pitchbend values with a pb range of +-48) to simulate alternative xen scales. So not specifically Central Javanese tunings, but just xen scales. Just lowkey tested and it seems to work with Synplant2, but I always have a hard time telling if it also sounds correctly polyphonically. It depends on if the synthesizer recognizes that it needs to treat each incoming MIDI channel as a seperate voice in order to register my pitchbend values. would be cool if we get a response from the developer about that. i'd love to use synplant together with xen:

    YouTube Video

    for everyone who wants to try xen, the link is in the video description.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Very cool! It seems to work well, doesn't it?

    Yes, Synplant treats pitch-bend, control, and expression messages for each channel independently. If this was your question?

  • Gregory Taylor

    The note + pitchbend approach is what we all did back in the day before Scala support was as robust as it is now. These days, all you basically do is substitute the MIDI note > frequency lookup table you want with the 12tET one. That way, you don't need to jigger with MIDI pitchbend offsets. In my Max patching life, I've got a coll object (you'd use text in Pd) with the note number > frequency values in it, and it just passes through and works like a charm. As I said earlier — I realize that this is maybe a bit of an outlier request, but using the note > frequency table approach for a softsynth that's basing its timbres on frequency is a good deal more straightforward (and polyphonic right out of the gate, as well). But hey — again, thanks for a wonderful update of the Synplant, Magnus.


  • Eine Alte Oma

    @magnus: sweet :) yeah then i guess it works. I just can't tell very well sometimes, because despite having made this plugin my ears are just too tuned to 12tet still.

    @gregory: yeah i know it's a hack. but i thought I'd mention it for the part of the synplant community that overlaps with the microtonal community, but that also overlaps with the "i don't wanna have to manage and import scl or tun-files all the time"-community, if that makes sense

  • stelvio

    +1 for alt scales support :)

  • Gregory Taylor

    I think of the work you've done not as a hack, but an elegant workaround, grandmother. :-)

  • Mo No

    +1 mts/esp scala support!

  • Biel Biel

    +1 for alt scales support

  • skotterz

    +1 for microtonal scales etc.

  • jayuhfree

    FWIW Xen looks great... but:

    Plugin doesn't work in Bitwig, because Bitwig doesn't support VST3 plugins outputting pitchbend.

    I'm using Sibelius, lol... and a plugin for 19 EDO.

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