sample drag please

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  • 강민균

    I wish I could drag the sample and do it.
    And when generate the sample gene, the computer makes a lot of noise.
    I checked and the cpu is getting hot. Is it normal?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Drag and drop works in many hosts. From your profile picture, I'm guessing you are running FL Studio, and in their host, it seems to not be working. It's something that both we and Image Line are looking into at the moment.

    Regarding the CPU, yes, it is perfectly normal. The process is very intensive, and Genopatch utilizes the full power of your computer to find the best possible patches for you. If you press the little (i) above the sample display, you can see how many sounds it renders out and listens to per second.

  • 강민균

    thank you

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