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  • Brian Kendel


    im just purchased in new york. it added $13 in sales tax.


    i understand about economic nexus taxing, but unless sonic charge has a physical store here, or made over $500000 just in new york state sales JUST last year, they dont pay sales tax to new york state and im not subject to this tax at all.

    i love you guys, but...i dont think you did 500k in sales just in nys just last year. i could be wrong...but....

    so, if the the state isnt collecting it, where does it go?

  • Fredrik Lidström


    I don't know much about the US tax system. All our products are sold by FastSpring. Could it be that they have to pay New York sales tax because of all the transactions they have combined under their organization?

  • Brian Kendel

    hmmm....are you saying fastspring are retailers and that i didnt buy the product from you? that would make a difference.

    i was under the impression fastspring was the service you used to run your storefront.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    FastSpring is our storefront, yes, but they are also our merchant of record. I think they have to be to handle US tax and EU VAT reports and compliance for us. I suppose that could be the reason why they have to add the New York tax. As I said, I'm not 100% sure about the US tax regulation, I think FastSpring can probably answer this with more certainty than me.

  • Brian Kendel

    interesting. thanks for the info.

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