Synplant - Correct Tuning - Bug

Chris Lentro108 views2 posts
  • Chris Lentro


    When I move the fader to the left and press Correct Tuning, the sound is an octave lower.
    When I move the fader up, it doesn't happen.


    Sine 1.synplant(2.5kB, 75 downloads)
  • Magnus Lidström

    The pitch correction algorithm "listens" to the sound using the current tuning (it simply plays the C3 note) and then figures out a tuning adjustment. If the adjusted tuning "fits" on the Tuning slider, it will use it. Otherwise, it will wrap and update a secret broader pitch offset value inside the patch.

    I guess when you tune it first with the high pitch, the algorithm wants to tune it a little lower (thus, the Tuning slider remains almost identical). When you tuned it with the low pitch, it also wanted to go a little lower, but it couldn't do so without resetting the tuning slider.

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