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  • Chris Lentro

    Midi CC does not work properly

    When I want to modulate CC with Stepic or with the Midi CC tool from Bitwig, I can only control CC1.

    Bitwig 5.0.10
    Windows 10
    Synplant 2 VST3


  • Chris Lentro

    Synplant 2 VST2 works as it should

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry, yes. It is a bug in Bitwig. They don't allow a plugin to map MIDI CC to exposed / automatable parameters. Nothing in the VST spec says you cannot do this. In fact, this is the most logical way to implement MIDI CC imho (and we've always done it like this). For example, it would allow the DAW to use MIDI CC to record automation data (from a remote controller) as an alternative to MIDI data.

    I told them this a few months ago. If you write to them about this problem, say hi from me. ;-)

  • Magnus Lidström

    And yeah, I implemented a Bitwig workaround in my code for CC #1 during the Synplant beta. I look forward to removing it.

  • Magnus Lidström

    I sent Bitwig an email again.

  • Chris Lentro

    Ok that's why the hint


    Bitwig and troubleshoot 😅
    this can take time

  • Chris Lentro

    - Magnus Lidström wrote:
    I sent Bitwig an email again.

    Thanks :)

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