MPE slide to 'layers'/branches

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  • sadà\exposadà

    Slide isn't used yet, and could be used for choosing the branches, like with velocity, but with slide, a little more control depending on the MPE controller...

    but more general; a more flexible MPE routing? althoug pressure to branch growth is quite good.

    but it can also done with slide of cours, branch growth. and pressure to layer? well.... but why not? or layer, i mean branch...

    or even better: 12 branches are too much, when you want to play live, even with Slide on a Seabord.

    that you can choose the branches that can be played, and that you can choose when a branch is played, with velocity/slide/pressure. that you can make your own branch bulb.

    in a way layers does it, well it is for all keys. but you can choose branches that you want to play, and the are distributed over the modulation source.

    perhaps not really clear, i have a reputation, that i am not clear....

    but i see many MPE possibilities.

    perhaps i can explain it better, when i have used Synplant 2 more. i worked with it, quite a bit, but still must see what would be the best Feature Request.

    this is a bit premature, perhaps, but perhaps, it gives some idea.

  • manysounds

    Slide/Position --->> branch length could realllllly be amazing

  • matthew bonham

    That would be fantastic! :)

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