synplant 2 patch browser: can't preview mod wheel changes (win)

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  • edisonc

    This might be normal behavior as per Synplant 1 as well, I can't remember, but thought I would mention it.

    That is, if you are browsing patches in the explorer style window in Synplant 2 (clicking patch name in the Syn 2 interface, then select 'browse patch') - if you are previewing patches in this way, if you move the mod wheel, you can see the mod wheel data is being transmitted in the branch wheel - because the wheel moves from the innermost center of the interface to the outside ring. I think the branches also extend and contract, but still, audio does not audibly change from the initial patch parameters.

    I suspect this is because the entire patch is not loaded during the 'browse' mode, not sure.

    Using Reaper with Win 10 x64, if that matters. : )


  • Magnus Lidström

    Ah, I see what is happening. It's a VST3-specific problem.

    While previewing in the browser, automation data is sent to the currently loaded patch, not the preview patch. This is by design because we want the loaded patch to be up-to-date in case you cancel loading a new patch (and besides, we don't want to mess up the preview sound either).

    MIDI, however, is passed on to the preview patch.

    Now, the VST3 version of Synplant tells the host to route MIDI CC #1 to the Mod Wheel parameter (in all hosts except Bitwig because we worked around a bug in it). This means it arrives as automation data and not MIDI.

    I will try to address this shortcoming in the coming Synplant update.

  • edisonc

    thanks! : ) (I should have mentioned whether it was vst2 or 3, sorry )

    Congrats btw on Synplant 2 release. I have been using all the Sonic Charge products for years, and am again telling all my computer music friends about it.

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