synplant 2 - vol & mod atk knobs don't alter envelopes (?)

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  • edisonc

    Unless I am just doing something very wrong, which is surely possible : )

    if I go into the 'manipulate gene' section, and twist either the vol attack or mod attack knobs - while the knobs turn and the dna L-R slider moves, neither envelope changes. Same from different patches. Can't hear any audible difference either. Doesn't matter what I adjust the other envelope settings to, attack refuses to move for vol or mod. I am using mouse to drag them around (no midi controller).

    All the other knobs in those sections appear to work fine. (haven't dug into the others yet, but adjusting basic attack & release are usually things I tweak alot)

    again, win 10 x64, vst3 far as I can tell

    thx again!

  • Magnus Lidström

    Just to double-check that this is not just a misunderstanding, env_atk + mod_atk (and env_dcy + mod_dcy) shape the attack (and decay) segments; they don't affect attack times. If you want a slower attack, try the env_tilt parameter.

    The genes in Synplant are a little unconventional because they are meta-parameters that generate the underlying synth parameters for the audio engine. They are balanced so that they generate interesting sounds with almost all settings.

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