Feature request: LFO trigger / phase options

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  • Michael // MSLD

    When using Genopatch in Synplant 2, I found myself drawn toward impersonating recordings of my home transistor organ. Dialing in the scanner vibrato became an exercise in frustration, because based on what I can observe, Synplant's LFO is polyphonic, its phase is randomized on each Note On, and there's no way to alter either of these settings. That's lovely for organic textures, but not for organ textures. Ba-dum-tss. 🥁

    So, an option to switch the LFO to a monophonic mode would be nice. Also, if the LFO were ever to be revised, it would be nice to offer a switchable Note On retrigger option, as well as phase offset ° / randomness amount options.

  • Magnus Lidström

    I agree this limitation can be frustrating sometimes. Two "workarounds" exist at the moment:

    • If it's mainly about keeping a punchy and steady attack, you can dial in a small lfo_dly amount.
    • If it's about consistency, turning on Tempo Sync will force the LFO to reset on every note on.
  • Michael // MSLD

    Magnus — many thanks for the tips. I will be sure to make use of these in other patch design exploits. :)

    I hold out hope for an eventual monophonic LFO option, since otherwise I must quantize every note I play in order for their LFOs to affect the sound as though they were a single LFO — but I know development is hard and there are more pressing matters that require your attention. Perhaps in Synplant 3. ;) Thanks for your hard work!

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