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    While the patch collection keeps growing and growing it would be great to be able to add patches to favorites eg. by adding a star. Or can this be accomplished with a script perhaps?
    Thank you

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    Well need browser would sort this. I hope there will be some discussion about it. :)

  • Juergen Voelkel

    I save my favourite sounds in the user patches...

  • Joey Luck

    - Juergen Voelkel wrote:
    I save my favourite sounds in the user patches...

    Thinking about this approach, but as a way to achieve this with the current file browser and not have to use the User Patches location...

    Perhaps there could be a star button on Synplant, which when clicked, simply saved the patch to a separate Favorites folder. And perhaps it could do this in the background without having to pull up the file browser each time.

    Then there could be an additional button at the bottom of the file browser next to the others to "Go To Favorites".

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    What is wrong with just having a proper preset browser?

  • stelvio

    Vital audio has the same weak spot. Fantastic synth, so so presets browser.
    With Synplant2 I just place different folders in my Finder's sidebar, so I can save presets easily to different locations. The issue though is that every time you save a preset to a specific folder then this folder becomes the one you're browsing. And you need to manually go back to the folder you were browsing.


    I'm very fond of:

    • Shuffling through random patches (Cmd-click here!)
    • Faving on the go, so I can come back later without being too distracted.

    Longtime and emergent use cases do point towards the benefit of a better patch browser, especially for connecting all the rich metadata that relates patches but isn't yet exposed.

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